Adele Still Smoking Even After Throat Surgery

Last October, Adele underwent a throat surgery to treat a hemorrhage in her vocal chord. Despite her recent operation though, she was seen smoking again.

The said surgery was expected to alleviate the problems the singer had for the most part of 2011. And alleviate the singer’s health the operation did as Adele is now reportedly taking vocal training and is on her way to full recovery.

However, even after her throat surgery got connected with her smoking habit, it seems that it’s just too hard for the “Rolling in the Deep” artist to give up cigarettes. On New Year’s day, an eyewitness caught Adele smoking after dinner with her boyfriend Simon Konecki in Pompano Beach Fla.

Additionally, the 23-year-old was also seen smoking in a car back in United Kingdom.

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We’re a little disappointed to hear this news, but then again, she never expressed any interest in quitting in the first place.

Adele, who is recovering from microsurgery to remove a benign polyp from her vocal cords, has been spotted smoking again!

An eyewitness saw the singing sensation lighting up after dinner with her new beau, Simon Konecki, and told sources:

“Adele and Simon had dinner at Bobby Rubino’s in Pompano Beach, Fla., on Jan. 1. Right after they were done, she walked out of the place and had a cigarette outside.”


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