No Careers for Smokers?

Smoking is dangerous to your health. That’s what cigarette packs say and as proven by studies, it surely is a big health risk even to those who are not into it. With that said, it’s a wonder why many still love the cancer sticks. It’s a good thing though that there are rules passed and proposed to protect the public from the negative effects of the habit. And believe it or not, one city is even considering hiring only non-smokers to counter the financial negative effects of smoking.

Yes, you read it right. One city is contemplating the idea of hiring only non-smokers for cost-cutting. That city is Fort Worth in Texas. And as said by its mayor Betsy Price, since part of taxpayers’ money is put to health care of employees, they will consider any idea that will protect the city’s health and wealth.

With smoking costing the country $193 billion for health bills and lost productivity annually, the proposal, if implemented, can surely help reduce that expense. Basically, it’s because it can motivate job seekers to quit the habit. However, not everybody is keen about the idea. Others see it as a form of discrimination.

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The city of Fort Worth, Texas is considering a cost-cutting idea, hiring only non-smokers.

“We put taxpayers dollars into health care for our employees,” Mayor Betsy Price said. “Anything that might benefit the health and wealth, make our employees more productive and healthy we’re going to take a look at.”

A city employee proposed the idea, but some fellow colleagues are fuming.

“I kind of see it as a form of discrimination, because as long as you’re not smoking at the job and it doesn’t affect your job, I kind of think it as unfair to choose,” said Irene Jasoni, a city employee.


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With smoking are several health problems. Everybody knows that. And basically, that’s the reason why all sorts of policies aiming to protect the public from its negative effects are being proposed and implemented. And so, if you are a smoker, don’t you think it’s high time to quit it? Who knows, that proposed hiring of non-smokers only might be implemented. And if that happens, you’ll have another reason to kick smoking than just its health risks.

As many smokers say though, it’s not easy to ditch cigarettes. But that is why there are smokeless cigarettes. With them, quitting the habit is easier to manage.

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2 Responses to No Careers for Smokers?

  1. JustMe April 24, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    I have to say this proposal is indeed discriminating. However, it also makes an effective stop-smoking vehicle.

  2. Sarah April 24, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    I agree! This is kind of discriminating but could be effective. Smoking got no benefits anyway so why stick to it?

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