One Direction Member Hooked to Cigarettes?

Although famous, members of the boy band One Direction also got struggles of their own. And among others, that of Zayn Malik probably presents the greatest risk to health. You ask why? Well, it’s because he struggles to keep away from cigarettes.

As he said so himself, Zayn smokes eight to nine sticks a day. And giving them up is just proving difficult for him. But the good thing, he acknowledges the fact that the habit is dangerous to health and wanted to kick it.

Indeed, it is difficult to quit the cancer sticks. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you or Zayn can’t do it. Many smokers already tried to kick cigarettes and many already succeeded. And like them, you, Zayn and other smoker can also abandon cigarettes.

But to successfully quit cigarettes, you, Zayn and any other smoker will need a support system. Apart from that, you will also need a cigarette alternative. And among others, electronic cigarette is probably the best that you can get. That’s simply because it looks and tastes just like the real ciggies without the tobacco health risks.

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