Failure to Launch

If heart disease, stroke and certain cancers haven’t been reason enough for men to quit smoking, consider this: The habit also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. In fact, emerging research shows that men with a pack-a-day habit are almost 40 percent more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction than men who don’t smoke. We all know that cigarettes increase clogged arteries.   However when people think of this, they generally think of only their heart.  The truth is any  organ that gets blood is at risk for decreased blood flow.  The male penis is no exception and erectile  dysfunction is the result.  In fact, emerging research shows that men with a pack-a-day habit are almost 40 percent more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction than men who don’t smoke. 

A study looking at the impact smoking has on a man’s ability to get an erection was reported today at the American Heart Association’s annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention being held in Miami. “This is not the first study to document an association between cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction,” says researcher Jiang He, MD, PhD, an epidemiologist with Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, in a news release. But this study is unique in that it looks at other factors associated with erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence — and was able to adjust for these factors, he says.

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Studies published by the medical and health community are unanimous. As much as forty percent of men in North America experience some form of sexual health dysfunction. Because many men refuse to face the truth, several experts believe the true figure to be much higher.  Health diseases, such as cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, are common causes for erectile dysfunctions. However, lifestyle choices like drinking and smoking are also a major factor causing sexual health disruptions and are often overlooked. In reality, drinking and smoking have a negative effect on the normal flow of blood and directly interfere with male sexual performance.

Many men picked up the habit of smoking in their teens out of peer pressure or wanting to look macho as depicted in movies and gangster flicks. However, cigarette smoking is so addictive that for many, that first puff will become a life long dependancy on the evil weed. To many, nicotine addiction is a life sentence. Nicotine in the bloodstream also causes excessive outflow of blood from veins in the penis and this reduces the duration of an erection More bad news for male smokers who want to have babies is that men who smoke cigarettes have lower sperm count and higher sperm motility rate. There are also increased abnormalities in sperm shape and function and this may lead to abnormalities for the babies.  However, once you quit smoking, sperm motility often improves although the other bad effects of smoking will only improve if the arteries are not permanently hardened or internal organs permanently damaged.

Forget Viagra. A new study suggests that for firmer, faster erections, men should quit smoking. The researchers found that men who successfully kicked cigarettes had thicker, more rigid erections and reached maximal arousal five times faster than smokers who relapsed. Good thing people from Solar Cigarettes, the makers of smokeless electronic cigarettes can help smokers with ED problems, lower their nicotine addiction and eventually quit smoking for good, thus resolving their erectile dysfunction issues. Solar Cigarette is designed to look like a real cigarette and the basic components include the mouthpiece, a heating element, a rechargeable battery, and an electronic circuit. Many e-cigarette users prefer this NRT to other methods because it can provide the flavor and actual physical sensation of inhaling on a tobacco cigarette without the smoke. Some users prefer the more discrete version of the device that looks like a ballpoint pen, so when they inhale it looks like they are simply chewing on the end of the pen.

For somebody attempting to stop, they can obtain the cartridges in several levels of nicotine.  Generally you’d start up with a high amount of nicotine in a tobacco flavored cartridge.  As time goes on, you begin using a lower degree of nicotine.  Step-by-step, you may get right down to the lowest level before quitting completely.  Once you get off the tobacco flavor, it’s easier to get rid of that last little bit of nicotine and change to your preferred flavor without nicotine.  No matter what your thoughts on nicotine, you have to admit that the e-cigarette is truly an ingenious invention.

Recovery from erectile dysfunction is not necessarily quick or easy. But, it is simple. Over 95% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can heal themselves. The cause of erectile dysfunction is not mysterious or difficult to pin point. Recovery does not require drugs. In fact drugs will only make things worse. As you now know, outside of illness, the cause of erectile dysfunction is simply a depleted and/or clogged up system, high emotional stress, or prescription drugs.  Men are free to make their own decisions. Freedom of choice is an important principle that comes with consequences. Not even the energy of youth can offset the toll that smoking and drinking are bound to take on male sexual health. There are some things that should be sacrificed for the sake of a healthy and satisfying sex life.

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