Katty Perry Smoked Cigarettes To Calm Her Nerves Now She Can’t Quit!

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is a tough habit to break and once you try smoking for the first time there is over a 50% chance that you will becoming addicted just like Katy Perry did. Katy Perry never smoked cigarettes until she was started stressing out over the planning for her wedding with Russell Brand. She started smoking to calm her nerves and now it seems that she has become addicted to tobacco cigarettes and it seems her habit is getting out of hand. Most fans of Perry are worried that she is smoking too much and the tobacco cigarettes could be doing permanent damage to her vocal cords and of coarse, her lungs.

Well like any celebrity Katy Perry’s smoking habits do vary on her day to day routine and whether she is under pressure or not.  She has said that she was stressed out so much before her wedding that she smoked to calm her nerves. Thing is, being a celebrity constantly in the eyes of the media can be stressful so at that rate of going Katy will never be able to stop smoking.

Katy and Russell got married months ago and it still appears she is smoking.  She was pictured smoking inside at the American Music Awards bash in a Californian restaurant, where smoking is prohibited indoors. She probably stayed inside to smoke so that no one could get pictures of her outside puffing away on yet another fag. It is not known exactly how many cigarettes Katy Perry smokes a day and no doubt she will not confess if you ask her.

Do you think Katy Perry will ever stop smoking? Perhaps when she gets pregnant she may give up cigarettes. She has been trying to quit smoking cigarettes by using hypnotherapy.

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Solar Cigarette Reaches Out To Smoking Celebrities To Help Them Quit Without Using Hypnosis

Katy Perry has been trying to quit smoking using hypnotherapy but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Celebrities, like Katy Perry are looking for a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and Solar Cigarette  have reached out to many other celebrities to help them quit the habit and also help them prevent gaining weight by using their smokeless cigarettes.

These smokeless cigarettes give the smoker the same sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette but without the health risks, tar and other carcinogens that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes. These smokeless cigarettes use nicotine water vapor technology as the way to deliver nicotine to the smoker without the use of tobacco. Since there is no smoke there is no smell or second hand smoke which provides a safer smoking experience not only to the smoker but to other non smokers as well. Solar Cigarette vitamin packs also give smokers the needed vitamins and minerals the body needs to turn food into fuel which helps smokers keep the weight off.

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