Mary Kate Olsen Smoking Like A Party Animal

You probably remember Mary Kate Olsen and her sister as one of those cute little twins in that television sitcom “Fullhouse”. Well times have changed because Kate has been labeled as the party animal out of the two because of her smoking habits, and we don’t just mean cigarettes. Rumors have stated that she has dabbled in some other type of smoking as well. Mary Kate Olsen smokes a lot of cigarettes and she has been smoking since she was at a younger age. Many of her friends are worried that her smoking habit may be getting out of hand because she is always around her friends who are smokers and always playing the part of party animal. Her cigarette habit may be doing more harm to her body than she could ever imagine and all smokers like Mary Kate Olsen should either quit smoking or find a healthier way to smoke.

The question is not whether Mary-Kate Olsen smokes cigarettes, but what doesn’t she smoke? Ok, Ok, that’s hardly fair. But Mary-Kate Olsen, contrary to her twin sister Ashley, has been known to be a little bit (!) more of the party animal, dabbling and experimenting in all sorts of things (or so the rumors claim). In this context, smoking cigarettes certainly doesn’t seem so bad.

Now Mary-Kate Olsen is well-known for her excentricities, alternatively dressing awesome and like a smelly hobo. I guess it’s normal that one of the twins is out to garner media attention, good or bad. Since smoking cigarettes is really bad for the skin, we’ll soon be able to tell the twins apart – I guess that’s one positive thing that can come out of Mary-Kate Olsen smoking cigarettes!

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