Scarlett Johansson Uses Cigarettes To Get Over Her Divorce

Scarlett Johansson has bee a long time smoker of cigarettes for some time now but it seems that her smoking habit is getting a little out of hand. One of the reasons why Scarlett Johansson is smoking more these days is because she is still trying to get over her divorce from Ryan Reynolds. Although Scarlett has gotten on with her life, she still has the issue with smoking too many cigarettes throughout the day. Many celebrity smokers like Scarlett Johansson should either quit smoking or find a safer alternative to avoid the deadly smoking related diseases in their future.

Best way to get over your divorce? Party! That’s exactly what Scarlett Johansson did this weekend in Hollywood. A source tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that Scarlett was in attendance at Jeremy Renner’s A-list 40th birthday bash at his Hollywood Hills home over the weekend, and didn’t look like her stunning self.

Our party source says ScarJo was sporting shorter hair, which she wore under a—gasp—baseball cap. The eyewitness spotted her drinking and smoking her sorrows away all night, and “looking like a mess.”

Scarlett Jealous of Ryan and Sandra

“Scarlett was drinking vodka with lime, and was smoking cigarettes,” says the source.

“She looked like she was going through a divorce,” says the party-goer.

Probably didn’t hurt that the word on the street is that Ryan Reynolds has been taking secret trips with Sandra Bullock’s home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He reportedly took two of those trips there over the holidays.

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